Ivanhoe Health Initiatives

Ivanhoe Health Initiatives

The Ivanhoe Health Initiatives program was launched in 2010 with the goal of ending childhood obesity. This program has grown to include:

Grown in Ivanhoe - provides residents with the skills they need to grow their own food and to market and sell what they grow;

Lots of Love - repurposing of vacant lots in the neighborhood to become edible landscape (urban demonstration gardens), meet-and-greet spaces, or play lots.

Included in the urban demonstration gardens are seven raised beds that were built by neighborhood Boy and Cub Scouts troops. As part of their scout duties, they also plant, harvest, and sell their wares at the local Ivanhoe Farmers Market;

INC Well - encourages residents to become more healthy by regularly checking and tracking their vital signs;

For more information about Ivanhoe Health Initiatives, contact Neil Rudisill at nrudisill@incthrives.org or 816-921-6611.